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Chen Style Forty Eight Movement Form
Yang Yang BioQiu Zhen YiTaijiquanRomanizationlineage

  1. Preparing form
  2. Buddha's warrior attendant pounds mortar
  3. Lazy about tying coat
  4. Six sealing and four closing
  5. Single whip
  6. The White Crane spreads its wings
  7. Walk obliquely and twist step on both sides
  8. The first closing
  9. Wade forward and twist step on both sides
  10. The fist of covering hand and arm
  11. The punch of draping over body
  12. Lean with back
  13. The Blue Dragon goes out of water
  14. Push both hands
  15. Change palms three times
  16. The punch at elbow's bottom
  17. Step back and whirl arms on both sides
  18. Step back and press elbow
  19. Middle winding
  20. Flash the back
  21. The punch of hitting the ground
  22. Turn over body and double raise foot
  23. Beast's head pose
  24. Tornado foot
  25. Kick with right heel
  26. Small catching and hitting
  27. Cover head and push mountain
  28. Forward trick/backward trick
  29. Shake both feet
  30. The jade girl works at shuttles
  31. Elbow through the heart
  32. Shake foot and stretch down
  33. Stand on one leg on both sides
  34. Cross waving lotus
  35. The punch of hitting crotch
  36. Part the Wild Horse's mane on both sides
  37. Wave hands
  38. High pat on horse
  39. Rub with right foot, rub with left foot
  40. Kick with left heel
  41. Linking cannons
  42. The White Ape presents fruit
  43. The Dragon on the ground
  44. Step forward with seven stars
  45. Step back and mount the Tiger
  46. Sink waist with elbow down
  47. The cannon right overhead
  48. Closing form

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