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CTS Instructor Certification
CTS Instructor Certification
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Table 1 below summarizes courses for which the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies offers instructor certification. Click on the Course Title links for further information, course schedules, and registration. Table 2 below summarizes certification requirements. Recent changes to the CTS instructor certification program are explained by Dr. Yang in a CTS newsletter article.

CTS Policies for the Award of Instructor Certification

Certification is performance-based. Dr. Yang Yang and the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies' standards are high and attendance does not guarantee certification. The intent of the certification program is quality control, to ensure that the teachings of Dr. Yang Yang are reproduced accurately without dilution of instructions in methods or purpose of practice. Quality will not be sacrificed for quantity.

CTS Instructor Certification Levels

Though course content does include pedagogy, the intention to achieve instructor certification is not a requisite for any course. All persons wishing to study with Dr. Yang Yang, from beginners to long-time practitioners, are welcome to apply for any course. Course requisites listed in the table are relevant to certification only.

Table 1. Certification Titles, Pre-Requisites, and Intended Audience

(Click on link for Requirements)
Course Title
(Click on link for further information, course schedules, and registration)
Certification Pre-Requisite Intended Audience
Level I Qigong Evidence-Based Qigong (EBQ)TM - The Essential Mind/Body Spirit Foundation. None Taiji, Qigong, and Yoga practitioners, psychologists, social workers, caregivers, and patients, and all persons interested in realizing: 1) the common root of all Eastern energy training, 2) the practical benefits of mind/body/spirit integrative exercise, and 3) the application and integration of practice in daily life. For those interested in the internal martial arts, the course provides the essential foundation for efficient practice, and is designed to instruct in the ultimate purpose of Taiji and Qigong exercise as stated in the classic Taiji Treatise: "With you whole being, develop your life."
Level II Qigong Movement and Stillness Level I Qigong Those interested in learning additional mind/body/spirit integrative exercise, but not (necessarily) interested in learning Taiji form choreography, push-hands, or martial applications of traditional Taiji. Instruction will include moving qigong to improve flexibility and range of motion and strengthen the body, and advanced instruction in meditation.
EBT Instructor Dr. Yang Yang’s Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM)and Qigong Program Level I Qigong Those interested in 1) offering an evidence-based, introductory Taiji program to expand their teaching opportunities; 2) receiving the teaching experience and support of Dr. Yang Yang and the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies in building their own business, or; 3) simply studying Taiji and Qigong on a deeper level with an opportunity to receive personal instruction/feedback through the private testing with Dr. Yang
Senior EBT Instructor NA EBT Instructor EBT instructors wishing to assist Dr. Yang and the CTS mission through teaching and testing EBT instructor candidates.
Advanced Taiji Proficiency Various Various For those wishing accreditation in advanced taiji instruction, proficiency examinations/certifications will be offered for taiji forms, including the Chen style 48 form, pao cui (cannon fist), push hands, and weapons.

Table 2. Certification Requirements

Contact Hours with Dr. Yang or Senior EBT Instructor
Home Study Testing Recertification
Level I Qigong 32 hrs, fulfilled as either a single 5-day CTS intensive training event or combined 2 and 5-day events at Kripalu Yoga Center or Esalen Institute. 100 hrs Performance and written test. Performance tests can be scheduled with Dr. Yang or Senior Instructors and may be conducted via Skype. every 2 yrs.
Level II Qigong Level I Qigong (EBQ) certification plus 5-day CTS training event with Dr. Yang. 100 hrs Performance and written test. every 2 yrs.
EBT Instructor EBQ certification plus 5-day intensive training with Dr. Yang 100 hrs Performance and written tests. every 2 yrs.
Senior EBT Instructor 200 hrs 5 yrs experience as EBT instructor Appointment by Dr. Yang NA

*The "Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies" and Dr. Yang's Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM) and Evidence-Based Qigong (EBQTM) are trademarks of the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies. All rights reserved.

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