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2015 Camps
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morning qigong at Blowing Rock Camp
Morning qigong practice at Blowing Rock camp

This will be the 18th annual year for Dr. Yang's June intensive training camp, and the 9th year for which he has offered an instructor certification camp for his evidence-based introductory EBT and EBQ programs. The second annual 48 form camp will be offered the week following EBQ/EBT training in August.

All of the camps will be held at the Blowing Rock Conference Center in the Blue Ridge mountains in Blowing Rock, NC.

The 'get away' from the busy world is often cited as a positive experience by attendees, but the days are full with taiji and qigong training. Please click on testimonials to read input from past attendees. If you are just wondering what it is all about, you can read a typical review of a previous summer camp.

Click on the links below for registration and further information about each of the camps.

2015 Intensive Training and Instructor Certification Camps in Blowing Rock, NC

  1. 5-Day Intensive Camp, June 5-10, 2015 (covering Section B, second 1/4 of the traditional pao cui, or second routine of the Chen style forms)
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  3. Combined EBQ/EBT instructor training, August 4-9, 2015 (providing all contact hours for EBQ certification, and the second 1/2 of contact hours for EBT certification).

  4. 5-Day Intensive Camp, August 9-14, 2015 (covering Section B, second 1/4 of the essential movements of the 48 form)
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2011 Summer Camp
2011 June Camp Attendees

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