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Dr. Yang Yang's Summer Intensive Training Camps

This will be a special year for Dr. Yang's annual camps. We will celibrate the 20th annual (!!!) June intensive training camp, and the group will finish the pao cui form this year. It will be the 11th year for which Dr. Yang has offered an instructor certification camp for his evidence-based introductory EBQ and EBT programs. The fourth annual 48 form camp will be offered the week following EBQ/EBT training in July, and the group will finish the last quater of the 48 form.

The 'get away' from the busy world is often cited as a positive experience by attendees, but the days are full with taiji and qigong training. If you are just wondering what it is all about, below is a video collage of last year's camps in Scranton, and you can read comments from previous camps at the bottom of the page.

2017 Intensive Training and Instructor Certification Camps

You are most welcome to apply for any camp that you would like to attend. The camps are identified as Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced for relative comparison. Dr. Yang personally teaches all of the camps, and several teaching assistants are present to help answer any questions.

  1. 5-Day Intensive Camp, June 4-9, 2017, Blowing Rock, NC (covering Section D, fourth 1/4 of the traditional pao cui, or second routine of the Chen style forms). This is the most advanced camp group, and many in the group have been students of Dr. Yang for 20 years now.

  2. Combined EBQ/EBT intensive training, July 16-21, 2017, Universtity of Scranton, PA (providing all contact hours for EBQ instructor certification, and the second 1/2 of contact hours for EBT instructor certification). Note: intention to obtain instructor certification is not a requistite for camp attendance. This is the beginning camp group, and the material taught is the essential foundation to Dr. Yang's curriculum.

  3. 5-Day Intensive 48-Form Camp, July 21-26, 2017, University of Scranton, PA (covering Section D, fourth 1/4 of the essential movements of the 48 form). This is the intermediate camp group, and is the "next step" after the EBQ and EBT material.

2011 Summer Camp
2011 June Camp Attendees

What past campers say:

  • I felt totally "full" without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. Laoshi creates such a warm, nurturing environment. I am leaving feeling I have truly "gone deeper" on so many levels."

    --B. Schroeder, 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • This camp will change your life. It will lead to new skills to cope with everyday life. You will find new energy that will calm you."

    -- Anon., 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • Dr. Yang is an exceptional teacher who is able to engage people at all levels. A person with this level of expertise could be quite intimidating, but he communicates well, with kindess and humor."

    --Anon., 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • An amazing journey that brings a tremendous understanding of oneself through qigong and taiji. The clarity of Dr. Yang's teaching allows for each individual to experience the camp in their own way and to maximize their own personal growth. "

    --L. Northam, MD, 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • Dr. Yang's generosity of spirit, combined with his dedication to the art of taiji/qigong and his skill as a teacher are incomperable. In addition, his training in Western scientific tradition helps to make his teaching easy to approach and understand. We are all very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with him."

    --D. Diffin, 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • The taiji form camp is an extraordinary experience for all levels of practitioners. It has the finest, most generous group of teachers and dedicated participants who inspire each other. Master Yang is an extraordinary leader and has attracted fellow teachers and students who form a community anyone would benefit from experiencing."

    --B. Garfinkel, 2015 48-form camp

  • Attending Dr. Yang's camp has been one of the most fulfilling activities I have participated in for years. The program is well structured to balance activities throughout the day that address wellness of mind and body. The morning qigong is invigorating but not excruciating. Instruction on form is well structured for easy learning yet has depth and is blanced by qigong meditations. I strongly encourage those seeking experiences in fullfilling activites that you can then use in every day life to attend Dr. Yang's camp."

    -->D. Quance, 2015 48-form camp

  • A great chance to work with a wonderful, highly skilled teacher and his students. An exercise that can change for the better anyone's life willing to try. The knowledge lasts forever."

    --Anon., 2015 48-form camp

  • This workshop was excellent. I met a lot of wonderful people. The training was fun and informative. I came away refreshed and feeling deeply nurtured."

    --J. Stewart, 2015 48-form camp

  • This was my second time at EBQ/EBT camp and, again, it was an incredible experience. Master Yang is a phenomenal teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure his students have an understanding of the curriculum, the confidence to move forward, and an appreciation of the taiji/qigong art. In addition, it is always a pleasure to form relationships with the other participants who are always so genuine and willing to assist, collaborate on ideas and motivate one another. Truly an experience one should consider."

    --D. Dorans, 2015 EBQ/T camp

  • Dr. Yang's training is a powerful tool for helping me, my students, and patients to live a happier, healthier, more balanced life. I feel like I will be better able to meet the challenges of aging because I have done this workshop."

    --S. Welsh, 2015 EBQ/T camp

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