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Dr. Yang Yang's 48-Form Taiji Camp
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Summer 48-Form Camp, August 9-14, 2015, Blowing Rock, N.C.

48 Camp Application

This will be the second annual 48 camp, and will be conducted immediately following the 2014 EBQ/EBT instructor certification camp. This camp provides instruction in the longer traditional 48 movement form. This form is the next step for those interested in continuing taiji studies beyond the introductory EBT form. Instruction in the traditional pao cui form (2nd routine of the Chen style) is provided in the June 2014 Blowing Rock camp.


Focus this year will be on a careful examination of the second twelve movements (Section 2 of 4 Sections) of the 48 movement form. Master Yang will focus significant attention on developing deeper understandings of core principles, energies and applications.

We will continue practicing key standing and moving qigong drills in the mornings and sitting meditation in the evenings. As always, Master Yang’s instruction will focus on the importance of nurturing ourselves (yang shen) and, in the case of push hands, nurturing our training partners. In connection with this, we will again alternate between conventional upright training (in form, pushhands, and applications) and recumbent qigong exercises to restore energy and cultivate critical dimensions of deep relaxation.

Training Schedule

Sunday, August 9: check-in begins at 3:00, instruction from 6:00-8:30P
Mon-Thurs: 7:50 hours instruction
Friday, August 14: 7:00-9:00A and 11:00A-12:00P instruction/practice - check out by 3:00P.

A tentative schedule is available here.

Logistics / Cost / Admission / Deadlines


Training will be held at
Blowing Rock Conference Center, 1818 Goforth Road, Blowing Rock, NC,28605.


Directions to the site from Blowing Rock are available here.

There are three basic options for getting to the Blowing Rock conference center from the Charlotte, NC airport: 1) renting a car, 2) ride sharing, and 3) catching the Hickory Hop Shuttle service. All options are detailed on this page.


Meals and snacks will be provided in the conference center cafeteria. Vegetarian options will be available. Dinner will be provided Sunday, August 9, and breakfast and lunch will be provided Friday, August 14.


On-site housing options are limited and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. The camp is often full and you are encouraged to submit your downpayment early if your wish to secure desired lodging. There are 4 options for on-site lodging. You may of course also reserve a hotel in Blowing Rock and commute to camp.

You will indicate your housing preference on the registration form. If you elect to stay on-site, we will make all reservations/arrangements for you and the cost of the lodging/meals will be included in your payment to the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies. If you elect to commute from a nearby hotel, you will need to make the reservations with the hotel yourself. Commuters will be charged a commuter fee for facility use and meals with tuition payment.

On-Site Lodging

  • Corriher Lodge. These are hotel-type rooms available as single or double rooms. Note: several available rooms are on the second floor and there is no elevator. You must register early to secure a lodge room. If you absolutely need a lodge room on the first floor, let us know and we will make arrangements with the Center.

  • Cabins. Each has a small kitchen, dining area and living room with fireplace and back porch. There is a master bedroom with queen-sized bed and a second bedroom with two singles and one bunk bed in each cabin. There is a maximum capacity of 24 people in the cottages, and cabin spots are on a first come, first served basis. We will not reserve the master bedroom in the cabins—please reserve a lodge room or off-site hotel room if you require more privacy.

  • Youth Dorms. These units are older and designed for youth and so amenities are limited. Adults and families will most likely prefer Corriher Lodge. Those requesting cabin lodging will be assigned to a youth dorm bed once the cabins are full.

  • Tent Camping. A maximum of 5 tents will be allowed on-campus during the camp. The tents are slightly less expensive than the cabins or dorms, and some may prefer the privacy of tents to the cabins or youth dorms. Those using the tents will need to shower in the shared bathrooms in the youth dorms, cabins, or in the Clapp Gym bathroom shower. Your tent should be able to withstand rain, as rain in the mountains is not unusual. It is *possible* that all on-site lodging will be full and you *may* not have the option of changing to a lodge, cabin, or youth dorm.

Hotel (Commuter) Lodging

We have reserved a small block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Blowing Rock (phone 828-295-4422). The cost is $79 plus tax per night—you will need to mention your affiliation with the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies camp at the Blowing Rock Conference Center to get this price.

Blowing Rock is a beautiful, upscale small town, and there are many other local hotels and bed-n-breakfast areas. If cost is not a primary concern, there are several more luxurious hotels.

All persons staying at a hotel will have to pay a commuter fee for facility use and meals with their tuition.

Tuition Cost:

Tuition: $860, payable to the Center for Taiji Studies.

Discounts: If downpayment is received before May 1, 2015, a $50 discount will be applied to tuition. Additional discounts are available for any person attending multiple CTS training events.

Lodging and Meal Cost:

The following costs are for the entire 5 day training period and are in addition to tuition:

  • Cabins - $290
  • Youth Dorms - $290
  • Lodge - Single Occupancy - $515
  • Lodge - Double Occupancy - $375 per person
  • Tent Camping - $260
  • Commuter Rate (meals only, non-negotiable) - $155
You will need to select one of the housing options, and roommate preference, when registering. On-site lodging is limited and you are encouraged to submit your downpayment early in the year to secure desired lodging.

Total Cost Calculator:

A total cost calculator is available to assist with total cost estimates including tuition, meals & lodging, and applicable discounts.

Application Process:

Three steps are required for enrollment in the CTS 5-day training event in Blowing Rock, NC. They must be completed in order:

  1. Interested persons must first submit an application. Space is limited to ensure adequate training with Dr. Yang, so you are encouraged to apply early.

  2. An acceptance notification will be emailed to you which will include links to first a 1) waiver/license form, and then a 2) registration form. Both forms are necessary to complete registration. A link to additional logistics/FAQs about camp, including information on final payment calculations, meals and lodging, getting to camp, site map and training schedule, check-in, what to bring to camp, and internet connectivity at the Conference Center, will be provided after submittal of the registration form.

  3. Either downpayment or full payment via check or money order should be mailed within 2 weeks of notification of acceptance to reserve your spot at the training.


Waiver and registration forms and either full payment or a $450 deposit are due two weeks after notification of acceptance. The application will be considered invalid if registration and a deposit are not received within two weeks of acceptance notification. Final payment of any amount due remaining is due by July 20, 2015. All payments must be by check or money order only and mailed to:

Center for Taiji Studies
1408 Mayfair
Champaign, IL 61821

Registration and downpayment must be received by May 1, 2015 to receive a $50 tuition reduction. You may forward the $450 deposit with your registration anytime after May 1, 2015 to reserve your space at camp, but after that date you will not be eligible for the $50 tuition reduction.


If for any reason you must cancel your reservation, your deposit will be refunded, less a $35 application fee, until June 1, 2015. If you cancel after June 1, 2015, a 50% refund will be available until August 1, 2015. After August 1, 2015, no refund will be given but you may use the deposit as a credit for future training events.

Non-Taiji Area Attractions:

Blowing Rock is one of the oldest tourist sites in NC, and there are many attractions in the area. The Blowing Rock.com web site contains links to area accommodations, attractions, recreation, arts, shopping, and more.

There is also a Wikipedia article on Blowing Rock with links to Blowing Rock town web site and travel guides.

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