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Champaign, IL Classes

C lasses in Champaign are held in five annual sessions of nine classes per session, generally following the University of Illinois calendar. Note that the Center for Taiji Studies is not affiliated with any other organizations in Champaign-Urbana, and that the locations listed below are the only locations in East Central Illinois authorized and certified to teach Master Yang Yang's Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM) and Qigong and 48-form curriculum.

Dr. Yang lives and works in New York, and the Champaign, IL classes are led by his most senior taiji and qigong students.Beginning classes are currently help on Tuesday evenings, and intermediate classes are held on Wednesday evenings. Advanced instruction is on Saturday mornings, though the first 1 hour or so of qigong on Saturdays is open to all.


To register, please complete and submit this wait list form, and we will alert you when the next beginning group class will start.

You may also contact us via the web form with any questions.

You are welcome to observe our class if you would like to check it out before registering or submitting your name for the wait list. We also offer a single class fee option if you would like to participate in a single class.


Classes are held year-round, generally following the U of I calendar with 3 week breaks at the end of the year and in August. Please refer to the school calendar for class times . {Note: Javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser to view the calendar}.

Time & Location

Tuesday Evening Beginning Class
Classes are held from 6:00-7:30P at the Urbana Civic Center in downtown Urbana, IL. Class begins January 19, 2016.

Wednesday Evening
Open practice from 5:30-6:00p and instruction from 6:00-7:30P at the Urbana Civic Center in downtown Urbana, IL.

Saturday Mornings
2.5 hr "advanced" classes are held on Saturday mornings. During warmer months we are practicing at the northeast corner of Hessel Park, Champaign. The first 1/2 of each class is qigong practice and is open to all CTS students. For current information on Saturday class times, refer to the annual calendar. Email Stewart at maitri8"at"comcast.net if you would like to be placed on the email list for ongoing Saturday class announcements.


Refer to our fee schedule for class costs. In response to student requests, we are now using a pre-paid card system. Cards may be used for classes any time before expiration.

Gift certificates are available - please contact us with requests for gift certificates. Private classes are available on a very limited basis, with priority given to current CTS students.

It is the policy of CTS to exclude no-one because of inability to pay. Individual requests for scholarships/tuition assistance will be considered - please contact us with tuition assistance requests.

Taiji Classes in the Park


Wednesday evening classes include instruction in static meditation (standing, sitting, and lying-down meditation), dynamic qigong, agility exercises, and the Chen style 48 movement form class. Dr. Yang Yang refers to the form movements taught in this class as the "essential movements of the Chen Style 48 form." Form instrucion is non-sequention - new students may begin learning the form at anytime.

After learning the essential movements of the 48 form, students then progress through form refinements, push-hands, and additional form practices (e.g. pao cui or "cannon fist" and weapons forms).

Peaceful Practice at Camp

Class Make-Up Policy

Pre-paid cards may be used any time prior to card expiration (6 months after the last class purchased).

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