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Never have I enjoyed such immediate physical and mental results from a newly found activity . . . hooked for life. - Michael Smith

For about 10 years prior to learning taiji, I've suffered with an injury to the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Doctors claimed only surgery would help. But practicing taiji has caused the condition to disappear! - Gene Bild

I've gained a better sense of balance, calmness, and confidence I started practicing Taiji with Master Yang. Much appreciated! - Jack Brighton

This system of Taiji/Qigong training makes me happy. I am more aware of my movements and better able to control my energy. - Leta B.

Practicing Chen Taiji and Qigong has improved everything from my balance to my awareness and health. - Patrick Draper

The most important thing is that 9 years of insomnia have finally come to an end. My joints don't "crack" all the time and my balance has improved. - David Kim

Tai Chi, Qi Gong has been tremendously helpful in my fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. Also, helps me with mental clarity. - Anon.

I have many fewer back, shoulder, and neck aches since I've been doing Tai Chi. The breathing exercises are a great way to begin the day and also for taking a break mid day. - Jane B.

I began practicing Taiji with Master Yang nearly seven years ago with no previous martial arts experience. I was looking for a gentle form of exercise and saw the beauty, but didn't realize that there was such power in this art. - Lilly Meiner, age 51.


Authentic Chen Taiji at its finest. Master Yang not only excels in Taiji, but in teaching to all skill levels. - Alexander Di Mauro

Great class, great teacher, great form! Everyone should try it! - Ed H.

Tai chi is wonderful! And we are truly blessed to have Master Yang in our community. He is an inspiring man and teacher. Do yourself a favor and give Chen style Tai chi an chance. You won't regret it. - Tim Lash

Yang is an energetic and effective teacher. While he has dedicated most of his life to the study and practice of Taiji, his presentation is designed so that the novice, with practice, can benefit early. - Anon.


For more than 35 years, I have practiced a variety of martial arts. I am currently a fifth-degree black belt with the World Tang Soo Do Association. I have been honored by this organization as their 1998 "Master of the Year." I have a master's degree in special education and have worked as a special-education teacher for 22 years.

It has been my pleasure to receive instruction in Taijiquan from Master Yang Yang. I have found his teaching methods clear and precise, covering all aspects of Taiji. Taijiquan has been very beneficial to my health and well-being. Master Yang's classes have given me a better understanding of martial arts in general. I have been very fortunate to be associated with two excellent martial arts. Thank you Master Yang for your fine instruction. -Jerry Whitten, age 52

I have been studying martial arts for years, including Kung fu, Karate and Yang-style Taiji. The Chen-style Taiji that I am learning now is some of the finest instruction I have ever experienced. The form is full of complexities and interesting applications, and the skills I am learning in balance, power generation, and grace are a terrific complement to my other martial arts abilities. I feel very privileged to be studying from a master at the level of Yang Yang. -Heather Broome, age 27, Champaign, Illinois

I started learning from Master Yang two years ago after I quit other martial arts due to injuries. These other martial arts included Kuk Sool Won; Wing Chun; Mantis, Choy Li Fut, and other varieties of Kung Fu; and Yang-style Taiji.

Master Yang's Chen-style Taiji is the most authentic martial art that I have studied to date. It has been therapeutic in correcting all of the damage caused by other martial arts and has given me a greater understanding of the basics of self defense. This insight has been not only in terms of physical techniques, but most importantly, given me the correct mindset of defense. The "soft now, hard later" approach of internal martial arts is well-preserved in Master Yang's training program.

Terence Yeoh, age 22, Champaign, Illinois

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